I am Christoph, a Web-Developer passionate about new technology to create quality apps that make the difference.

Web-Apps for all use-cases

It has been time consuming and costly to build great websites and apps before. Today, thanks to great tooling, Web-Apps can be found on everywhere, are easy to build and scale and are more performant than ever. Wheter you are building a website, a web-service or a fully scaled mobile app, there is a solution.

New technology brings new possibilies

I am always eager to experiment with the newest tech. But many frameworks and tools have been maturing along the way. Today, they allow to bring scalable and performant applications to life in no time. I have always been confident about technology but the especially the web with its all allround talents will stay relevant in the future.

Develop reliable, deploy ligthning fast

In our fast time it is important to stay consistent. Even though our capabilities have changed in the last 50 years, good software hasnt. It will be reliable, scalable, robust, tested and stand the test of time. You need a solution that just works.

Taiwan Tapas

Gigi - The extroverted tourguide

Chain Report

A decent collection. What am I currently up to?
Develop for client & server

As a Fullstack-Developer I like to have a holistic overview of every project. Knowing the lifecycle from start to finish makes it possible to deliver fast and quality results.

Inteligent Technologies

The Software landscape is constantly evolving. In order to guarantee the best experience it is crucial to utilize new but proven technology. I has never been so easy to develop and deploy.

Lifecycle efficiency

As a Customer you want to be heard and involved. Modern workflows like SCRUM make it easy to involve you in the development progress, react to changes and guide us to the best product possible together.

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